We build bridges to the border



BorderNetwork is accurate communication and oriented into understanding that everything is a large network that unites us.


We are the frontier of the entire network. The network of networks.


We build creative strategies with an aim: linking your communication objectives.


Our mission is to bring cutting-edge ideas, developing innovative strategies and closely collaborate with our clients to achieve their business goals.

We promote your products by enhancing their brands

We produce original messages that provoke surprise and create curiosity.


We advise our clients by guiding them with communication plans, persuasive tactics and actions designed to strengthen their values and intangibles. Our magic formula is full of creative content.


Our DNA, of DinamicNetwork Agency, is composed of professionals from complementary disciplines. A team with a strong track record in the fields of design, the world of advertising and communication planet.


In short: we collect the necessary synergies for each project to be profitable.


Our values are clear

  • Transparent: it is essential for tackling any project.


  • Personal: the principle of proximity to achieve the best results. Confidence in networking.


  • Construction: to solve puzzles with winning ideas. Creativity in networking.


  • Alternative: ask us to do the impossible? We´ll find the possibilities! Flexibility in networking.


  • Punctual: we deliver the job within the promised timeline. Punctuality in networking.


  • Loyalty: Our main task encourages us to reach perfection. Quality.


Strategically creative strategies!

In BorderNetwork.Net we devote adequate attention to each project.


Designing messages, strategies, concepts, campaigns ... with a novel way of thought.


We build unique  strategies custom made with a genuine final art in mind: ready to be delivered with creativity and precision at the right time. Certainly accurate.


We make our ideas and know-how available to our customers. Developing innovative strategies, raising creative proposals with precise tools that meet different objectives (communication, positioning, launch, rebranding ...).


With networks ready to be linked!

In BorderNetwork we prioritize according to our client’s valuable time.


We work at different levels: Static - Dynamic - Audiovisual – Interactive.


Purposes and functions:


  1. Conceptualization of ideas
  2. Generation of Creative Strategies
  3. Campaign Planning
  4. Development of Corporate Identity
  5. Implementation of Branding
  6. Web Architecture
  7. Social Media Optimization (OSM)





  1. Web design and architecture
  2. Programming
  3. Social Media and Monitoring
  4. Writing - Copy
  5. Illustration
  6. Photography
  7. Photo retouching


  1. Storyboarding
  2. Screenplays
  3. Graphic design
  4. Desktop Publishing
  5. Production
  6. Large format printing and digital printing
  7. Media Management



  1. Websites and Microsites
  2. Blogs and Social Networks
  3. Community Manager
  4. Buzz marketing and guerrilla
  5. promotional and corporate videos
  6. Outdoor advertising, Radio, Newspapers
  7. Events, Public Relations and Press Releases


  1. Corporate Identity and Brand Applications
  2. Product's release
  3. Catalogs and brochures
  4. Magazines and newsletters
  5. Newsletters
  6. Direct marketing
  7. Promotion at point of sale
  8. Decoration of offices, factories and other spaces

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Your trust is our certitude.

Technology Sector


  • Banking / Financial
  • Geriatrics
  • Logistics / transportation
  • Drinks
  • Food
  • Editorial


  1. Education / Training
  2. Public sector
  3. Investigation
  4. Hospitals
  5. Foundation
  6. Infrastructure
  8. What makes us unique



The network is immediate and BordeNetwork offers quality to our clients’ valuable time.


At Bordernetwork we provide the close and simple exchange that others cannot. And always with a smile.


We have the experience and a creative team brimming with talent. We transform brands in super-brands.


We devote suitable attention to each project. Just tell us what you need! In BordeNetwork we´ll invent it for you.







Clarity is in our confidence as a company and the security of belonging to a large group


We want to introduce you to the group to which we belong and what backs us up to deliver results.


A brand is such a personal letterhead, that we would not trust ours to just anyone.


Gerry Castro.

Degree in communication from Anahuac University.


He specializes in Public Relations and Lobbing..


He has extensive experience in networking and fruitful contacts at the business level .


His business experience has led him to chair committees, groups and international forums in an huge level .


Understand accurately the great market in communication area.


Today he heads the company Bordenretwork.net in logistics and strategy field. Based in his own experience.


Francisco Baca.

Degree in communication from Anahuac University.


His experience as a business consultant enables to understand customer needs and focus the strategy to succeed the customer requires.


Specialist in generate content for print and electronic media.


He works as an editorial cartoonist in some newspapers, including El Universal news in México city.


Hi woks to generate the key to success to get satisfied customers to discover that they came to the right place in business.



Today he heads the Bordenretwork.net in logistics and strategy field.

5014 Sea Drift Way

San Diego, CA 92154

(619) 213 9851